Replacement diy led for Fluval Edge part 1

I decided to replace Fluval Edge leds with new ones. After a few iterations and suggestion to my original plan from Nano-Reef forum thread here is my current build plan.


5x Cree Royal Blue (XT-E)
3x Cree Natural White (XP-G2)
2x Cree Blue (XP-E)
1x Cree Warm White (XP-G R5)
1x Cree Green (or I replace it with Luxeon Rebel Lime if I found supplier for one)

Edit: I updated my diy Led. I added 2 violet leds from Semiled (bin u70) and replaced one white with Lime led and replaced green with Cyan led (Luxeon rebel).

Drivers will be MeanWell LDD-700h and DIY Arduino controller (another post will follow on this subject) will be used for PWM control. First I ordered 1 Amp Buckpuck drivers but the suggestion from Nano-Reef people I decided to change them to LDD-700h. At the moment I have only 3 channels for controlling led but I might use another channel for green led only.

The heat sink is 184mm x 84mm and it will fit perfectly to Fluval Edge top. I have to build some clips to hold it (prevent it to slip into the aquarium:) ).


Drilled heatsink. I used above image as template (printed it to paper and taped on the heatsin. First I punched small marks with hammer and nail. Then I drilled holes with 1mm drill bit and then 2,5mm drill bit and use M3 drill tap for M3 bolts.



And result after quick lapping ( 320, 600 and 1000 grit over the glass surface) not a perfect end result but much better than starting point. Surface should be good enough for leds with arctic silver thermal compound paste.


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