Today I made 20% water change.

Found these glass looking miniature creatures from the live rock. Not sure what they are, but they looks like a hydroid or similar. Lets see what comes up from nano reef id forum.

Few more shots of my CuC as they pleased to pose for the camera for a moment.


First corals

Yesterday first inhabitants arrived.


  • Nerita sp.
  • Strombus sp.
  • Calcinus laevimanus
  • Astraea caelata Spiny

I hope they are ok and do not eat my future corals:). Snails are cleaning rocks quite fast and the hermit is playing around the sand. Household girls like it already:).

Other inhabitants:

  • Sarcophyton sp
  • 2 x Zoanthus sp.

Oxydator and SeaGel

Today I added device called Oxydator into tank. The device uses h2o2 and catalyst to make o2 and h2o. So basically it adds oxygen into the water column. There is a thread on nano-reef.com about it.

I also cleaned the aquaclear and added Seachem SeaGel. Water chemistry has been ok but tomorrow I will add corals and CUC (clean up crew) so I hope everything is ok. I used cured rock in this tank and nitrite and ammonium have been zero “cycling” time. I also used Prodibio startup.