Wristle worm

Another photo update.



I upgraded leds. Added Luxeon Lime and Luxeon Cyan (replaced green led and one royal blue). Added rosco frost gel diffuser front of the leds. This helps a little to mix leds together. I also mixed lightning ratios of to get best possible coral colors.

I also replaced edges stock AC20 with new AC50 and made acrylic media basket. Had to use Dremel to cut some plastic from original light box to fit ac50. AC50 fits but cable wiring should be routed differently. I just cut a hole backside of the lid :). Works well and retains original look. Replaced AC50 propeller with ac20 one. Now I have to search 50W heater which will fit inside AC50.

Changed also 6 litres of water today. I think I lost some of the zoas during the relocation of rocks few weeks ago, but everything else seems to grow nicely. Found new “heads” on acan and mystery red tubes from zoa colony.

I have be been supplying the tank with 0.5ml baking soda every other day to keep alkalinity near 9 Kh. I also started using Salifert all in one supplement (1ml per week).