Electric imp and the led controlling

While ago I finished new Led controller prototype and the app which controls the controller. So I upgraded my Light controller yesterday. Arduino was replaced by Electric imp device (bought one from adafruit) . This is prototype breadboard but it will be replaced with custom made pcb soon as I have time to draw everything with eagle (board will include LDD drivers, parts needed for Onewire temperature sensors etc). The controller is wifi enabled and it is coupled by IOS app that shows reef temperature and allows users to change lightning ratios during the day and lightning modes. Software and IOS app (iphone and ipad) is custom made and allows me to add more functionality to system easily. Now it uses 4 channels for leds and 2 channels for Onewire temperature sensor.  I will make new version of the pcb which uses only 1 channel for temperatures and allow 5 channels for lights.

This controller is quite similar than real product by bluefish but my system allows temperature logging as well.

In the future I will add more functionalities to the system like :

  • Storm/lightning/clouds
  • Date part timing changes (e.g. you can control how long noon lasts)
  • Additional status information
  • More lightning modes
  • Real moon light for moon lights
  • Real weather data from selected reef
  • bug fixes 🙂

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