New nano

Lately I have been working on a new project and I have not got time to update this blog. The new project is new nano tank!

This time it is a custom job with all the bells and whistles. Its bigger, nicer and easier to maintain than the Fluval edge and maybe more automated in a long run. I will post my progress about this tank here as well.

It will take few more weeks to get this thing ready for rocks and sand. I will transfer my SPS and LPS from Fluval edge here and make Fluval edge more like a softies tank.

I have to say big thanks to staff at net store for great customer service and making this build possible.

Here are current details of project


  • Rimless 100cm x 40 cm x 40cm (39″ x 15″ x 15″) about 160 litres / 42 gal
  • Made of Pilkington Optiwhite glass and drilled for overflow
  • Small sump (56 Litres / 14 gal)
  • Maggie Muffler overflow silencer
  • 1″ pipingreef-2

Example of optiwhite glass:


Optiwhite vs normal glass



  • Based on Ikea Metod kitchen furiniture
  • Custom made top part
  • Steel enforced
  • Wide opening doors (156 degrees)
  • Ikea led lightning with door open switch


  • Dual Jebao RW-4 wave makers
  • Deltec SC 1351 skimmer
  • Tunze Nano ATO (modded)
  • Leakage alarms
  • Tunze Silence 1073.020 return pump
  • Diy led lights with same controller as Fluval Edge. Nanobox Array V3 led units from Nanobox Reef
  • Aquamedic Reef Doser Evo 4 for balling
  • Custom Raspberry Pi based controller (on the works)
  • Nexa wireless power sockets (controller by RPI)


  • Rock base going to be: Real Reef Rock 4th version
  • Caribsea Ocean Direct Oolite sand
  • Tropic Marin Bio-Actif sea salt
  • Tropic Marin original balling with trace elements A & K