Inhabitants update

New corals added in to New nano few days ago.

  • Montipora digitata blue
  • Montipora samariensis (red)
  • Acropora sp. blue
  • Echnipora ‘Celtic frost’
  • Echinophylua sp (chalice ice blue with red eyes)
  • Riccordea florida (green)
  • Caulastrea curvata
  • Acanthastrea lordhowensis
  • Zoa’s (not sure about the variety, green ones but not bright as ones I already have in tank). Bought from white corals about a year ago.

Other things added to the tank

  • Few more blue legged zebra hermits
  • 2x Ptereletoris zebra
  • Pompom crab (Lybia tesselata)
  • One tectus sp snail (it got molested by hermit)

After a few days only lost seems to be tectus sp. snail. It got turn over and eaten by hermits. I hope the pompom crab is ok since it was very small when it arrived. Fishes are also eating Formula 2 pellets which I feed to LPS corals. I have to change lightning ratios little bit to get “blue” corals look like a blue. Now they just look brown :). One the cameras I have been using broken down today (5dmk2) so I had to take images with old Rebel XT.





How do you use your old and forgotten cameras?

Today I had old Sigma 50mm f2.8 EX macro lens for testing. First images was shot with old Canon 350D. 50mm macro is little bit too short (I have to move corals for better position) for finer details.

But here is few sample images I shot today of corals added in to tank last weekend.


Acan coral. Unknown variety

Other shots are made with Canon 5D (original version) with same object as above.

Shots with Canon 5D mk1 (12 mega pixels) with Sigma F2.8 EX 50mm macro:

All images shot without tripod. Lightning was aquarium DIY light under “evening” mode/phase.  5D image is crispier but old 350D images are quite good too. But in comparison here is one shot with Nikon d810 36megapixel  and 100mm macro… The mexa pixel count helps a lot too :).


Non cropped image: Unknown hitchhiker (friendly one)


And the crop of previous image. Fine details are showing quite nicely.

So what do you think about using old cameras versus new and modern mega pixel monsters?

Another camera test

Earlier today I shot images with Samsung NX300 mirrorless “dslr” camera. I was not sure about photo quality (lens problem I think), so I dig some drawers and found my old Canon D350/Rebel XT which was released 2005 (now over 10 years old) and it have 8 megapixel sensor. So it was time  to make some comparison shots.

I used broken Canon 85mm f1.8 lens (the lens reports error after few images and camera need to be restarted otherwise it functions well) and set of Kenko extension tubes.

After taking lots of photos with the oldie I think d350 is still usable camera.

So here are shots made with old Canon DSLR. All images shot handheld and with ISO ranging from 100 to 400 (I think ISO 800 is not usable in this camera without heavy noise reduction).

Camera test and new frags

Today I have been messing with new camera (I just borrowed it). Camera is Samsung NX300 mirrorless dslr with 30mm lens (no macro here). Camera seems quite nice but the image quality is behind “real” dslrs (I think it is a more like lens issue, not the camera body itself). The camera is very easy to operate and have very bright touchscreen. This camera would be very nice companion when traveling.

I moved some of the corals from Fluval edge to New Nano yesterday. New frags and new camera means new shots. Here are the few test images (cropped) of new corals.

If you know trade name of acans and zoas please let me know.


Another acan (name is unknown).


Bright green zoa (name is unknown)


Mixed zoa frag (names unknown)


Candy cane coral (Caulastrea furcata)


Frag from the acan


Bird nest coral (Seriatopora Hystrix) pink (this seems little bit pale)


Riccordea florida teal (inside the cave)