Another camera test

Earlier today I shot images with Samsung NX300 mirrorless “dslr” camera. I was not sure about photo quality (lens problem I think), so I dig some drawers and found my old Canon D350/Rebel XT which was released 2005 (now over 10 years old) and it have 8 megapixel sensor. So it was time  to make some comparison shots.

I used broken Canon 85mm f1.8 lens (the lens reports error after few images and camera need to be restarted otherwise it functions well) and set of Kenko extension tubes.

After taking lots of photos with the oldie I think d350 is still usable camera.

So here are shots made with old Canon DSLR. All images shot handheld and with ISO ranging from 100 to 400 (I think ISO 800 is not usable in this camera without heavy noise reduction).


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