Camera test and new frags

Today I have been messing with new camera (I just borrowed it). Camera is Samsung NX300 mirrorless dslr with 30mm lens (no macro here). Camera seems quite nice but the image quality is behind “real” dslrs (I think it is a more like lens issue, not the camera body itself). The camera is very easy to operate and have very bright touchscreen. This camera would be very nice companion when traveling.

I moved some of the corals from Fluval edge to New Nano yesterday. New frags and new camera means new shots. Here are the few test images (cropped) of new corals.

If you know trade name of acans and zoas please let me know.


Another acan (name is unknown).


Bright green zoa (name is unknown)


Mixed zoa frag (names unknown)


Candy cane coral (Caulastrea furcata)


Frag from the acan


Bird nest coral (Seriatopora Hystrix) pink (this seems little bit pale)


Riccordea florida teal (inside the cave)


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