How do you use your old and forgotten cameras?

Today I had old Sigma 50mm f2.8 EX macro lens for testing. First images was shot with old Canon 350D. 50mm macro is little bit too short (I have to move corals for better position) for finer details.

But here is few sample images I shot today of corals added in to tank last weekend.


Acan coral. Unknown variety

Other shots are made with Canon 5D (original version) with same object as above.

Shots with Canon 5D mk1 (12 mega pixels) with Sigma F2.8 EX 50mm macro:

All images shot without tripod. Lightning was aquarium DIY light under “evening” mode/phase.  5D image is crispier but old 350D images are quite good too. But in comparison here is one shot with Nikon d810 36megapixel  and 100mm macro… The mexa pixel count helps a lot too :).


Non cropped image: Unknown hitchhiker (friendly one)


And the crop of previous image. Fine details are showing quite nicely.

So what do you think about using old cameras versus new and modern mega pixel monsters?


3 thoughts on “How do you use your old and forgotten cameras?

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    I wish I knew the difference between the new and the old. I need convenience and technological power to counterbalance my lack of experience and skill. But I want to refine my aesthetic and I feel like going with a traditional film camera (even if it’s a fancy one) is the way to go. I usually ask for advice, but in the end everyone agrees that I should use what I have. Great post. Love your photos.


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