Inhabitants update

New corals added in to New nano few days ago.

  • Montipora digitata blue
  • Montipora samariensis (red)
  • Acropora sp. blue
  • Echnipora ‘Celtic frost’
  • Echinophylua sp (chalice ice blue with red eyes)
  • Riccordea florida (green)
  • Caulastrea curvata
  • Acanthastrea lordhowensis
  • Zoa’s (not sure about the variety, green ones but not bright as ones I already have in tank). Bought from white corals about a year ago.

Other things added to the tank

  • Few more blue legged zebra hermits
  • 2x Ptereletoris zebra
  • Pompom crab (Lybia tesselata)
  • One tectus sp snail (it got molested by hermit)

After a few days only lost seems to be tectus sp. snail. It got turn over and eaten by hermits. I hope the pompom crab is ok since it was very small when it arrived. Fishes are also eating Formula 2 pellets which I feed to LPS corals. I have to change lightning ratios little bit to get “blue” corals look like a blue. Now they just look brown :). One the cameras I have been using broken down today (5dmk2) so I had to take images with old Rebel XT.





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