New camera

After a while (6 years or so) I decided finally to buy “home” camera. Photographs in this blog are shot with cameras borrowed from my workplace (ok. some of the photos were snapped with “home ixus”). So after reading reviews and playing with Samsung and Olympus CSC cameras I decided to buy Sony A6000. I must say I’m really impressed. The IQ is just right on the money and overall build quality and functionalities are very good.

I have only few lenses at the moment (Sony 50mm 1.8 oss and Sigma 19mm f2.8) but when the EF and M42 adapters come I can start exploring other lenses as well. I tried today some Canon lenses (L-series) with Metabones speed buster but the autofocus did not work very well. But here is few quick samples which I shot today with Sony lenses.


On the reef tank side I have few problems with SPS corals turning brown. I have pumped up the light little bit to see if it helps. I have also problem with brown algae (new tank). Some reason the magnesium is on lower side but calcium and alkalinity are somewhat in ok range. Balling liquids are little bit tricky to set correctly because low amount of corals in this tank at the moment.

Here is the link for tank profile in Aquatic log (water measurements and other data)


Olympys E-M1 sample images

Today I had a change to test Olympus E-M1 mirrorless DSLR camera coupled with 12-40mm f2.8 pro lens. I must say I’m impressed with build quality and the image quality camera produces. After a few minutes of getting stuck it was quite fun to take pictures with the Olympus E-M1. The camera had also a “underwater” white balance which seems to reproduce coral color quite truthfully under my diy led light.


Direct raw to jpeg conversion


Minor Lightroom adjustments

The lens manual focus ring had also very nice feel when using the manual mode. I shoot some images with tripod (iso 200) and handheld with various ISOs. The EVF was first a quite a shock (first time I used one) but after a while it seems better than non electric ones. Tilted live view touchscreen lcd is very helpful when using manual focusing. These things are certainly options I’m looking for a new camera. But here is more detailed review of the camera (

Here is few more images with not so accurate colors (messed with lightroom) :).


Echnopora sp


Echinopora sp.


Acanthestrea (hippie flavour)


Echinopora Celtic frist


Caulastrea curvata