Latest FTS


Latest fts as 08.03.2016.

Few more corals added last week into the tank. After the war between acan and new coral the Acan lost the battle (only few tiny head survived and are now fragged). I have no idea will the tiny Acan head survive but I hope so. Lesson learned here is that newer but new corals too close to others before knowing how long their sweepers are.

Tank parameters are little bit off at the moment (Alkalinity and Calcium are ok but Magnesium, Iodine and Strontium are low (undetectable by salifert test kit)). I started this tank with Tropic Marin Reef actif salt and now started to replacing it with Dupla Premium Sea Salt. I hope the Dupla salt will correct the problem but meanwhile I have been dosing Magnesium and I will start dosing Iodine and Strontium as well.


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