Full tank shot 08-05-2016


Now the parameters are coming back to normal or what I targeted. I used previously Tropic Marin Reef Actif salt which parameters were way off.  I changed to DuplaMarin Premium Salt (I have changin water 7% per week now). Also started dosing Iodine and Strontium to get their levels up. Corals seems to respond well to higher magnesium, calcium, iodine and strontium levels. Calcium and alkalinity are now little bit on higher side (I have to dial dosing pump little bit down). I see little bit growth on SPS corals in last few week. I hope they start growing better now.

My current parameters:

Näyttökuva 2016-05-08 kello 19.55.11

(PH is quess, since Salifert Ph test is not very high on precision. I ordered American Marine Pinpoint Ph device which will take care of this measurement.