DIY Led hybrid

After seeing Nanobox reef T5 hybrids at Reef Builders web site I decided that will try to upgrade my DIY led which includes two Nanobox reef V3 led arrays. After figuring out my options I decided to order Arcadia T5 ULTRA SEAL LAMP CONTROLLER from my favourite aquarium web shop. Also ordered arcadia reflectors and two T5 24W tubes (ATI Actinic and Osram 67).

I did temporary fix for the light fixture and it came out about good. I need bigger frame to fit T5 tubes inside the lamp but this will work meanwhile. With reflectors I can limit the amount of light hitting out of the aquarium.

After running this few weeks it seems that coral coloration is getting better and the overall look is nicer. I do not how this work in the long run but it will be seen in the future.